Feather River Setback Levee Construction

Fast Facts


Located along the East bank of the Feather River between the Bear and Yuba River confluences. The 13-mile project is located in South Yuba County, just south of Marysville in the areas of Linda, Olivehurst and Plumas Lake

How Much?

how much


The Feather River Levee Improvements are a major part of the fourth phase of a comprehensive flood protection program to improve 29 miles of levees. In total, the program represents a $405 million investment in levee improvements.

The Feather River improvements are broken into three segments:

  • Segment 1: Bear River to approximately Star Bend
  • Segment 2: Setback levee between Star Bend and approximately Shanghai Bend
  • Segment 3: Approximately Shanghai Bend to Yuba River (Highway 70)


The region was devastated by major floods in 1986 and again in 1997. Combined damages have been estimated at more than $645 million.

Feather River Levee Improvements will protect:


40,000 residents


11,766 residential structures


486 commercial/industrial structures


74 public buildings, including 11 schools


5 public safety stations (police/fire)


Highway 70

What Else?

South Yuba County will be the first urban area in the Central Valley to provide 200-year flood protection.

Regionally, the project is expected to lower water elevations by more than a foot during flood events, easing pressures on both the Yuba and Feather Rivers. This provides increased flood protection to the cities of Marysville and Yuba.

The project will create 1,550 acres for habitat and agricultural uses, to include farming.

What’s TRLIA?

Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority, or TRLIA (pronounced TRILL-A), is a joint powers authority created in 2004 by Yuba County and Reclamation District 784. The Authority exists solely to provide 200-year flood protection to south Yuba County. As a joint powers authority, it can raise money and manage projects to achieve that goal. Want more technical details? Visit our Web site!

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